Page of Blades

The Page is the innocent of the court cards, but also the unconscious actor. Both uninfluenced by age and the world, and uninhibited by concerns and consequences. The suit of blades is the suit first of the intellect, and second of lessons learned, often through pain.

The Page of Blades, at its best, is a card of seeking, especially for the life of the mind. This is a card of questioning with no goal other than knowledge, of seeking answers and information and new stimulation. It can lead point to academic quests or created philosophies, to investigations or mental creativity.

It is also, however, a card of wariness. This Page, for all the intellectual seeking and exploring, carries a blade in a gesture of defense. Whether this is wariness learned through trauma or simply through observation of the world around, the Page suggests that there is a cautious distance involved.

Where are you seeking to strive, to learn? What edges are you pushing in your quest to know more? Where do you feel called to grow intellectually? To question? To discern? Where also is your wariness, your guarded fears? Where do watch and wait for the need to swing your blade?