Three of Blades

Sorrow. Heartbreak. Pain. Not surface pain, but the deep, gut-wrenching, crushing loss. Betrayal, guilt. The kind of pain that leaves you breathless and reeling, like a physical blow that drops you to your knees. The kind of sobbing that feels as though you’ve cried out all the water in your body but the sobs just won’t end.  Deep sadness that is pulled from you unwilling, thick and heavy as  a burden.

We carry our pain inside of  us. Sometimes it is sudden, and sometimes it festers and lingers. Even then, it erupts unexpected, old pain surging forth like a tide.  The three can be fresh  pain,  or it can be the sudden renewal of an old hurt.

Embodying this card, I wore clothes that held memories of profound sadness. Of loss and sorrow, of guilt and betrayal. Of intentional hurt and unintended pain from those who were too busy in their own wounds.

Pain this deep is raw, and exposed. Holding the bloody remains of what was in your hands, torn apart and ripped open before the harsh world.  Open to more injury.

But pain will heal. The lessons will remain, but the hurt will ease. In the meantime, you just have to breathe.