Two of Blades

Balance, or tension? Is there a difference? Or are they two sides of the same blade, each requiring the other to exist?

A woman stands at the water line, blindfolded and holding a pair of blades. Before her, the viewer. Behind her, the rolling waves of the unknown. At the edge of the known world she waits, made intentionally blind to her surroundings.

This is a card of both/and. The weight of the blades balances itself, but it requires the ever-mindfulness of the holder. It is not the burden of the blades themselves that is keeping the woman still, but the necessity of keeping the relationships of each blade and each arm working in concert. The blindfold allows for better concentration at the cost of awareness. It is enforced vulnerability through the loss of a sense, but resulting in increased refinement of all the others.

This is not a card of good or ill, it is merely a statement; an observation. Balance requires stability and presence. It also enforces a holding pattern. One slip, and the balance is off. One blade out of formation can lop off a finger, or the blindfold.

Are you balancing for a reason? Do you need to come more into balance? Do you need to eliminate external distractions, so that you can better focus on the weight of your blades? Or are you so perfectly balanced that you have become static? Do you need to tip the balance so that the weight of change enters the picture? What does the world around you look like when you slice away the blindfold and gaze upon your surroundings?