Ace of Blades

Cool air at the breath of dawn, the sharp sting of cold wind. The Ace of Blades is the element of air refined and charged, the essence of what it brings.

Air is the element of intellect, of reason. It’s the element of communication and it’s also an element of dealing with conflict.

With the Ace come new ideas; new ways of seeing problems and attacking them. Reason brings clarity and insight, not tied up in the emotional baggage that we all carry.

But blades are weapons, and you must have the willingness to cut through the haze and cleave away the things that don’t serve. The courage to pick up the blade and face the unknown, to start down the path without knowing what lies ahead. To be clear and direct when you may want to hide.

In the quiet dawn, we set out to film. Rousing ourselves from warm beds and heading out into the grass with a new plan, a new idea to purse. The world is quiet at dawn, different, crisp and cool as the fingers of light begin to curl across the sky. Turning around the whole world lies open and waiting.

The blade is heavy and cool, a solid weight in the hand. Waiting, ready for anything. To defend. To attack. The heavy drag of weight reassures, soothing with power and precision. Cuts can be deep and hard or they can be shallow and delicate as a surgeon’s scalpel, taking only what harms.

What possibilities need to be freed from your life? What must be cut away to release the ideas and move you forward? In the stillness, what are you waiting for?