Journey into the Tarot

The tarot is an interesting item. It has many identities, many facets. Historical game. Divinatory tool. Representation of archetypes. Collection of art.

There are many tarot decks in the world, each deck represented by different artwork. Yet each deck uses the same themes and archetypes for the cards, each one putting a unique spin on the story.

The Journey into the Tarot project began with an idea; to deepen a connection to the cards by working to embody and become the card for a series of photographs. At the end, there will be a finished deck, as well as a collection of meditations based on the challenges of embodying and photographing the cards.

Stephanie is embarking on a journey to meditate and embody the different cards, beginning with the suit of blades and working through to the end of the major arcana. Nancy will be capturing the images and turning them into a finished pieces of art. Both of them are looking forward to seeing where this project leads.